Our Philosophy


“Μιχάλης” is a fish tavern with a leading role in the quality of its products and the service of its customers. The remarkable aesthetic of the space reflects the sea’s tranquility in the environment and variety of menus feature. Sensational but discrete whiff of the area that Zisis Lividiotis, continues the dine cuisine tradition with an aura of renewal and aestheticism.

Sitting on the beach, gazing the sky blue that gently unites with the azure sea, you can hear the mystic symphony of the winds, which at the sweat time of dawn conspire and give Avlida’s visitor the complete sensation of placidity. Not very far from the centre of Athens and Halkida, the relative ambience is formed by our partners in “Μιχάλης” fish tavern to welcome the visitors. Everything layed white, the music designated, the staff checking the last details. And you are to blend with the dominance of the areas aesthetic with the gastronomical delight of the unique gourmets that only “Μιχάλης” knows how to offer.


The space serves aesthetical the comfort, elegance and diachronism. The wood and stone in a harmonic coexistence with the liquid element have as a result the performance of a discrete luxury. A feature element of the space is the great aquarium that properly lightened its presence dominates the space, while a whole boat – fridge hides inside it the substance of the sea. The port-hole on the doors, the marvelous and discrete bar and reception, as well as the cigar Humidor gives a cosmopolitical character. The external space gives the sensation of continuity of the interior, following a natural continuance.

“Μιχάλης” can cover all your needs for business lunches, with many different proposals to choose what you desire. Very close to the industrial zone but very far away from the climate that is formed by the discretion, the flawless service, the quality and calmness that requires your communication strategy.