Winds Guide

Ifigenia in Avlida

The Achaeans fleet was stuck in Avlida waiting for fair wind to depart for Troy. Agamnemon calls from Mycenae his daughter Ifigenia to sacrifice her, on the excuse that he will marry her with Achilles the young girl offers herself to be sacrificed for her home.

All this took place in ‘ΜΙΧΑΛΗΣ’ fish tavern. Strategical move for the desired effect.

Avlida’s Winds

Andronikos of Kiristos was a Greek astronomer that lived about 100 B.C. and is known to us as an architect of the marble Orologio of the Athens roman market or the Tower of Winds or Winds in the beautifull neighbourhood of Plaka. The solar clock showed time, was a weather vane, and in one of its eight sides includes the basic winds with their names carved beneath the overhang, they are:, BOREAS , KAIKIAS , APELIOTUS, EURUS, NOTUS, LIPS,  ZEPHYROS, SKIRON. The winds are pictured as anaglyphs carved winged people with each one having a special symbol according to their effects.
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